What’s the Most Important Shot in Tennis?

This is perhaps one of the maximum often asked tennis questions I get from my readers. I make no bones approximately telling them that the serve is the most important shot in tennis, bar none. Don’t get me wrong; the serve, or ‘serving’ now not the maximum crucial thing of the sport of tennis, however amongst individual tennis pictures, the serve is King.


Simply placed, the serve is the only shot that, 100% of the time:

– Allows the server to pick in which to hit the ball.

– Allows the server to pick out what spin to impart at the ball.

– Allows the server to choose the velocity at which to hit the ball.

– Allows the server to win the factor with out the ball ever hitting the opponent’s racket at any time at some stage in the factor being played.

– Allows the server to hit a 2nd serve after lacking the primary one.

– Allows the server to dictate how the factor will begin.

While that is an incomplete list of all the features of the serve that a tennis player has available to them while given the possibility to hit a first serve, the above should suffice in convincing everybody of the primary serve’s reputation because the maximum vital shot in tennis. More proof of the significance of the primary serve comes when we examine in which its price is derived at the tennis court docket in a strategic feel:

– A player can win a sport the use of a first serve solely. This may be said of no different shot in tennis, apart from the return of serve (which, by means of the way, is the second most important shot in tennis).

– A participant with a robust first serve doesn’t have to work as hard to hold serve as does an opponent with a weaker serve, who is counting on their ground strokes and/or volleys to win the points necessary to keep their serve.

– A player with a robust first serve can force a susceptible go back of serve from their opponent, giving the server a risk to cease the point quick.

– A participant with a robust first serve does now not want to be as involved about having to stand a sturdy go back via their opponent, in comparison to a participant with a vulnerable first serve.

– A player with a robust first serve has extra self belief in their potential to keep serve, thereby lowering emotional pressure; this provide them a more ability to awareness on the project to hand.

In 2004 Andy Roddick, who changed into #1 inside the global on the time and holds the record for the sector’s quickest serve in a suit (155 mph) said this, concerning the significance of his serve:

“One day, I turned into practising and I were given pissed off.”

“I just stepped as much as the line and took a depraved swing at it (the ball) with out really going via the proper motions, and it went in, and I did it once more and it went in again, and it turned into pretty hot, and the rest is history.”

“But given that that day, it’s just always there for me, the one component I can rely upon.”

“I’m simply grateful for my serve, because it has saved me so frequently.”

“It allowed me to win fits right away once I first went out at the excursion, even supposing I wasn’t geared up to accomplish that, because I had that one weapon I may want to go to.”

“Since then, I’ve been gaining knowledge of at the trot, improving the opposite regions of my sport. It additionally wears on the other guy. If I’m having a certainly proper serving day and they’re questioning there is no way in hell they may be going to interrupt serve, and suddenly it is 30-all on their serve, they understand if they lose their serve, the set’s over.”

Did you read something in that interview about how he is just glad to “get the ball in play?” I didn’t either.

Read the highlights again:

“…It is just always been there for me…”

“…The one component I can depend upon.”

“…It has stored me so regularly.”

“…That one weapon that I should go to.”

While in no regards ought to a participant rely entirely on their first serve to win fits, studying what Andy says about the significance of his serve, along with the benefits listed above must serve to ingrain the significance of having a robust, dependable first serve for your arsenal, and provide evidence that the first serve is indeed the maximum critical shot in tennis!

To Your Massive Tennis Success,

– Coach Kyril

Kyril Popoff is a former NCAA Div1 All-Conference Tennis Player, Instructor, Coach and Author.


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